AJ Dongyang Menics always considers customers’ safety and convenience as the first priority.
CEO's Greeting
CEO’s Greeting
AJ Dongyang Menics is a company to consider
customers’ safety and convenience as the first
priority and makes studies and efforts constantly to
become a company recognized universally.
We are specialized company for Mechanical parking system and solution
and since 1978 we established, we have grown the domestic top company as well as
achievement of top rank for domestic share of parking facility.

Currently, more than 100,000 parking facilities are installed and operated in Korea and our advanced technology has been recognized
and it has been sold for 150 projects in 30 countries globally.  

AJ Dongyang Menics is manufacturing the best products by using our technology in our own manufacture to secure the best competitive power
for quality with the belief to make safe and convenience parking facility for customers.
Moreover, integrated control center for 24 hours is operated to minimize customers’ inconvenience and to make efforts to react immediately.

To become a global company beyond the domestic top company,
AJ Dongyang Menics will make efforts to create customer impression through continuous technical development and innovation management.

Thank you