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How much does it cost to install parking system? (Per each parking space)
How much front space is needed in a parking lot that does not want to install the turn table?
What is Dongyang
How long does it take to install the parking system?
How much is the allowable tolerance?
Does a car exit at the same place where it entered from?
Are there cars that are not allowed to use the system?
What is the average time it takes a car to exit?
How big is the parking rack for a car?
What kind of panel is used for the cladding?
How is the quantity of the platform (lift) to the parking lot calculated?
What should be done if the parking system malfunctions?
What should be done if there is a problem with the parking system software?
What is the lifespan of the parking system?
What ventilation facilities does an automatic parking lot need?
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